Framed: Anne De Gelas

“I am from Brussels, but my perspective on the city is more melancholic than nostalgic. I think of Brussels as mysterious and ghostly: the city is emptier than many other capitals. The places I photographed are not always immediately recognizable because they are in a state of transformation, reorganized for temporary events, or marred by changeable weather conditions. My pictures are like photos ‘after the party’, Brussels with its wet cobblestones, just before the sun rises and the fog clears.”

About Anne De Gelas

Anne De Gelas lives and works in Brussels. Her work is a combination of text, drawings, and photos. Following the books Carnets (2003) and L'Amoureuse(2013), her latest series Mère et Fils is being published by Editions Loco in December.


In the Framed series, a different Brussels-based photographer captures the city in four photographs every month.
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