Framed: Geert De Taeye

“As a photographer, I am sensitive to atmosphere and light. This series was inspired by the lack of sunlight in Brussels. You can think of it as a declaration of love to that grey, raw, but warm city that keeps surprising me and which I keep (re)discovering. I look for distinctive locations that tell a story and let them carry me away while I make portraits of some notable residents."

About Geert De Taeye

Geert De Taeye (Belgium, 1980) makes both commercial and personal work. His atmospheric photos are the result of a practice in which he manipulates and reinvents his subjects, and thus immerses the truth in a seductive layer of irony and empathy. Instagram: @geertdetaeye


In the Framed series, a different Brussels-based photographer captures the city in four photographs every month.
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