Framed: Paul D'Haese

“What interests me is exploring the domesticated landscape, trying to ‘grasp’ things. The long walks I take to do so (as well as for health reasons) result in images that I use to create my own universe. Together, they form a kind of imaginary city, landscape, or world. In this series, I focus on Brussels’s summer construction sites, places that produce very surreal situations through the collision of human action and the natural world. Like here, for example, in the east of Brussels, where they are working on tramline 94 on Woluwelaan/avenue de la Woluwe.”

About Paul D'Haese

Paul D’Haese (Belgium) was nominated as a finalist for the Magnum Photography Awards in both 2016 and 2017, with his series Belgopolis and Building an Imaginary City. His book dagblind (Yellow Now, 2010) contains a selection of his analogue work.


In the Framed series, a different Brussels-based photographer captures the city in four photographs every month.
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