Framed: Silvano Magnone

“I arrived in Belgium with a one-way ticket from Italy back in December 2007. This month I celebrate my tenth year as a Brussels resident, and creating this short series of images felt like the perfect way to wrap up this decade and walk into the next one. A couple of weeks ago I moved into my new photography studio in the neighbourhood of Zavel/Sablon. The series Ommegang is the result of the first explorations around my new ‘home’.”

About Silvano Magnone

Silvano Magnone (Italy, 1981) is an Italian photographer based in Brussels. He spends much of his time in his studio/darkroom, where he conducts investigations into portraiture, and analogue and alternative photography. In his studio he regularly organizes workshops and wet plate collodion portrait sessions.


In the Framed series, a different Brussels-based photographer captures the city in four photographs every month.
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