(© Ivan Put)When passion and quality go hand in hand, success is sure to follow. Coffee roasting house OR was founded in 2001 by the couple Tom Janssen and Katrien Pauwels. Tom is from a family of coffee roasters, but was not blinded by nostalgia and started from scratch. Katrien and he eventually forced a contemporary entry into the coffee market. It all started with a roasting house in Westrem and a shop in Aalst. They then decided that they wanted to guide the carefully selected and processed products all the way to the cup. The espresso bar in Ghent is running like a top and the couple is now opening the OR in Ortsstraat/rue Orts for coffee lovers. A few day a week, Katrien works in the café herself, but she is assisted by trained baristi. They will provide information on request, but without turning your coffee break into a lecture. Though apparently, several customers in Ghent have become advanced coffee connoisseurs. OR makes their own selection of Arabica beans. Indeed, as with wine, the fruit tastes different depending on the country of origin, the farm, the species, the year, and the production process. OR makes house blends, but also serves single origin coffees that are made from one species. At OR, you will also learn that filtered coffee is not necessarily inferior. Some coffees actually taste better when made the old-fashioned way than in fancy Italian machines. You can read more about the options and choices on the menu or the website. OR also serves cappuccino, iced coffee, tea, chocolate milk, etc., as well as breakfast and light lunches. You can also get freshly brewed coffee or bags of ground beans to go. At the café itself (there is a mezzanine upstairs), you can chat, read the paper, work, or watch the world roll by. OR Espresso Bar •••• rue Auguste Ortsstraat 9, Brussel/Bruxelles, 02-511.74.00, orcoffee.be ma/lu/Mo > vr/ve/Fr 8 > 18.00, 
za/sa/Sa 9 > 18.00

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