Beursschouwburg gives a voice to the crowd with Tashweesh

“Tashweesh” is an Arabic imitation of the bustling sound in a crowd. And this buzz is loud when the Beursschouwburg and Goethe-Institut bring an incredible number of interesting voices and artists from the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe together for Tashweesh, a ten-day multidisciplinary festival focused on queerness, (trans)gender, sexism, decolonization, and other subjects that matter.

Time to bond with the global sisterhood of professors and journalists, Iranian filmmakers and Tunisian choreographers to talk about early migration from the Middle East to the USA or about the power of the grassroots, and to listen to Berber beats and feminist slam.

TASHWEESH 17 > 27/10, Beursschouwburg

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