La Ferme Nos Pilifs and Les Jardins de Pomone are not going as crazy in Neder-Over-Heembeek as the Spanish village of Buñol does every year, where the legendary La Tomatina tomato fight colours the streets red at the end of the summer. The Brussels Tomato Festival prefers to put the juicy fruit on a pedestal.

The fifth edition is presenting no fewer than 1,400 different varieties, a taste village, tips and tricks for your own vegetable patch, tasters of all the best produce, and is organising walks in the inspiring gardens of La Ferme Nos Pilifs, where sustainability and social concerns fit hand in glove.

And the award for best tomato might finally and definitively decide whether it is pronounced “tomayto” or “tomahto”.

BRUSSELS TOMATO FESTIVAL 25 > 26/8, La Ferme Nos Pilifs

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