Noémie Barsolle's drawings spread their graphic infections

The dregs of the world are no longer to be found on rue du Pont Neuf, but just around the corner, on rue de Laeken 122. It has become an even more enticing spot since Galerie E2 is now sharing the space with the printing workshop L’appât.

To open the new Sterput appropriately, an appeal was made to the Brussels artist Noémie Barsolle. A fitting move! Her deliciously visceral drawings – which have already appeared in fanzines like Saignante and Snack Fatal or in the fund of United Dead Artists – are packed with deformed, hungry, and lustful creatures. You know, the kind that tends to crawl out of the depths of the earth to spread their graphic infection.

Noémie Barsolle > 15/12, Sterput

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