Film: Doctor Strange

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Marvel has managed yet again to expand its superhero universe. We now not only have to deal with Scandinavian gods (Thor), rich weapons manufacturers (Iron Man), super soldiers from the Second World War (Captain America), and all the creatures from Guardians of the Galaxy, we also have to accept that there is somebody with ancient magical powers who can rewind time and switch between dimensions.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Strange with the brio of Robert Downey Jr., minus the humour. This origin story (how does an arrogant neurosurgeon turn into a wise magician) ends very violently in an attempt to prevent the world from coming to an end. You certainly won't get bored because the special effects show is quite impressive. The magic is more spectacular than in Harry Potter, the shifting buildings and cities more amazing than in Inception.

Doctor Strange won't cure anybody of superhero ennui, but within the genre he certainly adds an extra dimension. 

US, 2016, dir.: Scott Derrickson, act.: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, 115 min
UGC De Brouckère, UGC Gulden Vlies/Toison d'Or

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