Septuagenarian superstar on stage in Les Ateliers Claus

”Watching him, I understood for the first time how you could really live music, how you could listen to it and completely make it come alive, so that it was part of your life. It was a real awakening”: This is what guitar god Eric Clapton wrote in his 2007 autobiography about his encounters with Ted Milton in the 1960s.

This week, you can find out how Milton, a septuagenarian who loves puppetry, avant-garde poetry, and alto saxophone, does that precisely at Les Ateliers Claus, where he will perform with Blurt, the post-punk band that he founded with his brother Jake in 1979 and which he likes to describe as “jazz-punk-psycho-dada-combo”. We couldn’t have said it better.

BLURT 18/10, 20.00, Les Ateliers Claus

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