Still trippin' with DJ Taye

© Andy Scott

The Loop, the free circuit in which Nuits Sonores is involving Bozar and other concert halls on Thursday evening, will feature Dante Sanders from Chicago between DTM Funk and Le Motel.

Sanders is a former protégé of the late footwork king DJ Rashad and operates under the stage name DJ Taye. He is considered the crown prince of the genre, which began as a tribute to Chicago house and hip-hop pioneers and conquered dancefloors worldwide with its frenetic, off-kilter tempos.

Granted, there are easier rhythms to dance to, but Still Trippin’, Taye’s debut that was released this spring, injects it with extra hip-hop grooves and gets you off to a great start.

DJ TAYE 28/9, 22.00, Beursschouwburg

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