Sutra reappears on stage

Shaolin quan is an ancient martial art that is practiced not only in self-defence but also as a form of religious meditation by a relatively well-known order of Buddhist monks.

Choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, the artistic director of the Royal Ballet Flanders, invited fifteen of these Chinese monks out of their temple and onto the stage, accompanied by a mobile installation of wooden boxes made by the London-based artist Antony Gormley.

Polish composer Szymon Brzóska wrote a piece for a classical live quintet, and the result is Sutra, a restrained and sober show that was first staged in 2008 and became a huge success from China to London and Avignon.

SUTRA 12 & 13/10, 20.00, De Munt/La Monnaie

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