Trac: Does Enano feel butterflies dancing in his stomach?

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Every week we ask a performing artist if they suffer from stage fright right before they enter the battlefield of the arts. This week: Enano.

“Trac or stage fright is not something I am very familiar with,” explains the Venezuelan dancer Enano, one of the three performers in the show Abstrkt by Milan Emmanuel, which will be presented as part of the Detours festival. “Before going onstage, I don't think much about the audience. What is essential, above all, is to have great energy. I have a warmup ritual that changes depending on the place where I am going to perform. It depends on whether the space is very intimate or more open. Sometimes, it requires a lot of energy, sometimes it is like a whisper. All the energy that I give out is also a way of communicating with my ancestors and with where I come from. There are times when I need to stay calm, empty my mind, and only then will I let loose. It depends on the culture, the space, the pathology of the character.”

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“I do not know the venue where I am going to perform. We have done two residences in different places. I don't know anything about the audience, but I never think about that in advance. That might be because the first time that I danced, twenty years ago, it was in the street. So, you take the audience as they come. I don't think I ever got stage fright, even when I was starting out. That was a special time in my life. It was pure magic. Now, I have more experience, and every day to prepare. A show sometimes begins a year in advance. I train every day; my body and my brain are ready. For this show, we use improvisation a lot. There is a Belgian, an Italian, a German, and me, the Venezuelan. We need to find a balance between different bodies and energies. And that is magical. This show is something new for me. I see it as a space to show people what I am.”

ABSTRKT 26/9, La Raffinerie

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