Day of the dance: what to see

For the third time, there will be dancing across Flanders and Brussels by both professionals and dance lovers during the Day of Dance. Dozens of events have been programmed in our city. We made a selection.

Still lifes and lungs

14 > 22.00, Bozar

Does the combination of dance and visual art appeal to you? At Bozar, choreographer Karin Vyncke is enlivening the exhibition “Spanish Still Life” with Nature Morte ou Naturellement Mort. We’re also looking forward to EXHALE, a breathing installation-performance by visual artist Lawrence Malstaf, Liv Hanne Haugen, and Per Martinsen in an enormous inflated lung.


Midas touch

14 > 15.30 & 16.30 > 18.00, various locations

In City Flocking, choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle is again guiding forty-odd dancers around Brussels. This time, they are inspired by the figure of King Midas from Greek mythology, whose touch turned everything into gold. The dancers will do the same to their surroundings.


Where to?

19 > 19.55, Les Brigittines

An Be Taa Mi? means “Where are we going?” In this dance production by the Belgium-based Burkinabe choreographer Tierema Koama, we are going to Morocco, Burkina Faso, Italy, and Belgium, because that is where the five dancers come from. But Koama also explores the social and economic (in)equality between these different peoples.


Back to paradise

17 > 18.15, Pianofabriek

In the try-out of Paradise now (1968-2018), choreographer Michiel Vandevelde and thirteen young people of the new generation re-examine the performance of the same name by the legendary New York company The Living Theatre, which was first presented fifty years ago.


Just do it

21.30 > 23.00, Les Brigittines

Still not satisfied? Don’t just watch it, do it. During the Day of Dance, numerous cultural centres are also organizing studios and workshops. At Les Brigittines, accessible dance activities are being combined with a DJ party. Melting Pot is organizing a cross between a performance, workshop, and party that blends dance styles and breaks down cultural barriers. 

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