Wiley at Beursschouwburg: the godfather of grime

A few months ago, Richard Kylea-Cowie aka Wiley described the pioneering days of grime in his autobiography Eskiboy. He was the first to export this style of music from East London to the rest of the world, first through pirate radio and later via the charts.

Along with Dizzee Rascal, he would become the most important representative of the genre that blended the hard language of the streets with dark break beats and electronica.

Just over a year ago, he released his last album, Godfather, but Godfather II has now been slated for release at the end of March. He is coming to Brussels soon, so you can ask him yourself if he is planning on going the way of Francis Ford Coppola.

> Wiley. 22/3, 20.30, Beursschouwburg

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