Paris comes to Brugmann

© Saskia Vanderstichele
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Between the flashy cars, stately apartment buildings, and quaint bistros in the Brugmann area of Elsene/Ixelles, you will find Orlanda.

The fashion boutique serves up brands like Le Mont St Michel, Wood Wood, and Stutterheim – all très branché – but also bars of soap, perfumes, and handbags. The shop is not as ornate as its name might suggest. The boutique is not a sprawl of gaudy details, but offers a carefully selected collection.
There is as much space for menswear and pieces for women, and they also have a surprising number of androgynous items that would fit men or women. That’s not a coincidence.

The shop’s name refers to the novel of the same name by Brussels-based author and psychoanalyst Jacqueline Harpman, in which the protagonist Aline discovers and develops a male alter ego called Orlanda. The shop is sober but not boring, neat but not stiff. Delicate white dresses (€275) by the hip Danish brand Wood Wood hang beside pastel yellow sweaters (€310) by the Barcelonese brand Bielo, which supplies fabrics to the Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga. The amazing handbags by the Antwerp label Wali Mohammed Barrech (starting at €325) hang beside sporty shirts by Libertine-Libertine (starting at €95) and nostalgic perfume bottles by Briard (starting at €130), an ancient French brand of perfume.

There are few eccentricities about this boutique, it is all very Brugmann chic, but it certainly does not feel out of place. If you are looking for elegant pieces and if money is no object, you will certainly find what you’re looking for.

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