Retrospective of the week: Lisandro Alonso

Alonso sera à Bruxelles pour parler de son œuvre et, à la demande de la Cinematek, il a concocté un programme reprenant quelques-uns de ses films préférés.
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Cinematek has invited the Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso to Brussels for a retrospective and a carte blanche.

His films are characterized by their minimal dialogue, slow rhythm, the absence of a clear plot, and tremendous beauty.

Among others, Cinematek is screening his cinematic debut La libertad (2001), which sketches a day in the life of a young lumberjack on the pampa.

Jauja (2014), in which Viggo Mortensen plays a Danish soldier who is searching Patagonia for his young daughter who ran away.

Alonso is coming to talk about his work and selected a number of his favourite films, including Eraserhead by David Lynch.

> Lisandro Alonso: Cycle + Carte Blanche
8 > 16/11, Cinematek

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