1648 Boris Tellegen aka Delta

Boris Tellegen is occupying Alice Gallery


You see a wall, he sees an escape route. Two years after Boris Tellegen committed “a friendly takeover” of the MIMA, the Dutchman is returning to Brussels.

This time, the artist with a background in the graffiti scene is occupying Alice Gallery with new work: wood relief pieces, steel statues, letter boxes, and bronzes that connect the curious, Lego brick building child with the typesetting graffiti artist. A celebration between order and fragmentation, deceptive flatness and 3D, the present and the possible. If you put him in a box, Tellegen will break, tear, snip, build, and cut a way out. Pursue the escape artist.

Boris Tellegen aka DELTA: Super User Access 14/2 > 23/3, Alice Gallery

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