'Manneken Pis': jump on a tram to Flagey

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Cinematek has restored and is rereleasing Manneken Pis. Frank Van Passel’s 1995 film is pure urban poetry.

The dance-crazed, extroverted tram driver Jeanne and the introverted orphan Harry, who has just arrived in Brussels, fall in love with each other on Jeanne’s tram – route 55. But the Flemish precursor to Amélie Poulain doesn’t pretend that life is always a bed of roses.

Brussels is not idealized either, and Van Passel allows a touch of bitterness to mark his urban fairy-tale, which enhances the moments of tenderness and enchantment. The rerelease is part of a programme that features six other unique films set in Brussels. So jump on a tram to Flagey!


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