The dataist opera of Eleanor Bauer and Chris Peck

© Birgit Hupfeld

Okay, where do we start? The hyperactive American Eleanor Bauer, a theatermaker and performer who ended up in Brussels via PARTS, has created a cyber a cappella “dataist” opera with her long-term partner in crime and composer Chris Peck.

Dataism here is an avant-garde approach to the vicissitudes of our fake news-suffused information society, in which big data combined with some emotional, social, and artificial intelligence can help to sustain us through the chaos. New Joy promises to be a poetic-opportunistic, modest-utopian, wildly algorithmic, and comic-synthetic training programme for the 21st century.

ELEANOR BAUER & CHRIS PECK: NEW JOY 30/5 > 1/6, Kaaitheater

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