Peter Downsbrough and John Cornu at Attic

In 2014, the Parisian Sébastien Ricou closed the doors of his Brussels-based gallery for the final time, to devote himself to new projects. One of these led to the opening of a small attic room.

On Regentschapsstraat 67 rue de la Régence where – far away from the white cube – in a room animated by wallpaper, stripped walls, and a weathered wooden floor, he created a space to deal with art more intimately.

Roughly two and a half years since the first episode in this new story, Attic is now showing the subtle, poetic, but impactful gestures in space by the Brussels-based American Peter Downsbrough and the Frenchman John Cornu.

> Peter Downsbrough / John Cornu > 26/5, Attic

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