Slashers in Love during B to Z

The slasher is not exactly the kind of genre that you associate with romance.


Nevertheless, Offscreen has managed to find two obscure 1980s gems for their upcoming B to Z evening at Cinematek that they are presenting under the title Slasher Lovers. In My Bloody Valentine, slow-dancing teenagers at a Valentine’s Day ball are confronted with an uninvited guest in the form of a miner who had an accident twenty years earlier and is now out for revenge... In Fade to Black, a film nerd who gets bullied every day falls for a Marilyn Monroe lookalike. When she rejects him, he loses it, dresses up like his favourite film heroes, and takes revenge on everybody who humiliated him.

B TO Z, 29/6, 19.00 & 21.00, Cinematek 

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