Bozar hosts a new wave of young Belgian drummers

© Laurent Poiget

The catalyst of the new wave of Belgian jazz? It may well be the percussionist Lander Gyselinck, who has been exploring the boundaries of the genre for the past decade with projects like STUFF., LABtrio, and BeraadGeslagen, and thus gradually expanding them.

Following in his footsteps, our attention has been drawn to a whole series of other innovative jazz drummers. Including those at Bozar, which offers a forum for the masters of groove in its series Young Belgian Drummers. The first name on the programme is Samuel Ber, who is bringing his quintet Pentadox and his trio of saxophonist Tony Malaby and keyboard player Jozef Dumoulin (9/12). This spring he will be followed by Antoine Pierre (13/2) and...Lander Gyselinck (5/3).


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