IT 2: a boring trip to the fairground

It chapter Two lacks luster.
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Can we infer from the cameos by Stephen – the king of storytelling – King that he is not too bothered by the pitifully weak scripts of the two It films that are based on his great horror classic It? Not for a single moment do you feel as though the makers care one shred about the story, the characters, the themes, or any deeper layers.

The result is that even experienced and talented stars like Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy have great difficulty giving their characters any depth or development in It: Chapter Two. Only the two Bills manage to make something of it.

Bill Hader thanks to his sense of comedy, and Bill Skarsgård thanks to his sense of playing horror clowns that belong to our collective consciousness, are named Pennywise, and mercilessly play on the deepest fears and traumas of their victims.

Director Andy Muschietti has little or nothing to say and has the irritating habit over blowing everything up (figuratively) and treating his viewers like idiots. Fortunately, he is capable of employing his enormous budget to create horror scenes that will entertain mainstream audiences. It’s rather like a trip to the fairground.

> It: Chapter Two
from 11th September in cinemas

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