A mountain of films at Wolubilis

1652 VIMFF-Fall-2018-This-Mountain-Life-featured-title-bg-1920x960 1652 VIMFF-Fall-2018-This-Mountain-Life-featured-title-bg-1920x960

Sorry Ardennes, but Belgium doesn’t have any real mountains. In the dark of the cinema, however, we can slake our thirst on the illusion of snow-covered mountaintops and immeasurable cliffs.

During the BANFF, for example, a film festival that has taken place in the town of the same name in Alberta, Canada since 1975. You don’t have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to experience it because the festival is coming to Brussels this week. The programme features a colourful mix of documentaries and short films that will immediately make you want to put on your climbing irons.

BANFF, 12 > 16/3, Wolubilis

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