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Saint-Géry warms up for Les Nuits Botaniques


From 23 April until 5 May, the botanical garden in Brussels is being occupied by the revelers of Les Nuits. But before you dive into the deluge of concerts, the festival is serving a free amuse bouche in the cafés around the Sint-Goriksplein/place Saint-Géry.

The Les Nuits 2019 x Saint-Géry programme features DJ sets by bands who would normally play instruments, like Great Mountain Fire, Run SOFA, and Monolithe Noir. Also bringing their favourite records for the turntable: the Moroccan rapper Krtas Nssa and the young Brussels-based R&B-force-to-be-reckoned-with Martha Da’ro.

LES NUITS 2019 x SAINT GÉRY 5/4, 20.00, various locations

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