Performance by Prouvost the prouvocateur

1652 laure prouvost - they are waiting for you 1652 laure prouvost - they are waiting for you
© mick belloempac3
© mick belloempac3

One of the highlights of Performatik is Laure Prouvost, a Frenchwoman who spent some time in London but then moved to Antwerp, where she currently has a retrospective exhibition at the M HKA.

Prouvost won the Turner Prize in 2013, has had solo exhibitions at various major international art centres, and is representing France at the Venice Biennale this year.

Kaaitheater is presenting her first performance for the big stage, which is being billed as an “expanded cinema experience” with video, live images, and live actions, dance, music, and sound that together make up an imaginative and ungraspable universe.

Laure Prouvost: They Are Waiting for you 13 & 14/3, 21.00, Kaaitheater

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