Inside Out: political art in the Kaaitheater

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| Jihan Imago, 'NBH (Natural Born Healer)'.

With the Inside Out festival, Citylab and Kaaitheater are taking the summer one step further. Citylab − a breeding ground for Brussels-based artists and artivists − is one of Kaaitheater's new partners, and in this first collaborative project curates work by young creators or ones just starting.

There will be the premiere of B**** by Yipoon Chiem, a performance about female victims of violence with influences from kung fu, classical Khmer dance, hip hop and breakdance, and of Briana Ashley Stuart's interactive and family-friendly performance Be the Rhythm about the Afro-American dance form stepping. The agenda also contains work in progress by Yasmine Yahiatene (La Fracture) and Jihan Imago (NBH (Natural Born Healer)).

The artistic component is supplemented with a focus on intersectional feminism, with an eye for those who find themselves at the crossroads of several oppressive mechanisms such as racism, misogyny, vandalism or transphobia, and a focus on police violence. Fatima-Zohra Ait El Maâti of the Brussels feminist collective Imazi Reine takes part in the latter with the audiovisual installation Le Filet, about a mother waiting for contact with her arrested son. Just as Latifa Elmcabeni, since 2019 active around police violence and (in)justice for prisoners in Sint-Gillis/Saint-Gilles and beyond with the Collectif des Madrés.

9 > 11/7, Kaaitheater,

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