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Gilbert & George are guests of honour at BRAFA


Brafa has existed for 64 years, but it is not even thinking about retirement. On the contrary, the art fair is increasingly shedding its exclusive but somewhat stale reputation of being a salon for antiquities and classical art by expanding its horizons to what is happening in the arts today.

They are highlighting that this year with their guests of honour, Gilbert & George, the inseparable, always immaculately dressed ultra-British duo whose multidisciplinary, subversive and deeply human art is just as lively and uncompromising as ever after their fifty-year career. The winners of the 1986 Turner Prize are exhibiting five recent works at Brafa.

There will be art talks about Pieter Bruegel the Elder, collector Peggy Guggenheim, and Soviet Art Deco. And if you have any New Year’s money left over, the 133 stands are a good place to spend it.

BRAFA 26/1 > 3/2, Thurn & Taxis

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