'Teen Spirit': the opportunity to daydream

Onze score

A wallflower with hidden vocal talents goes on a TV show and is given the unexpected chance to blossom and become a pop star. If you are looking for an original plot, do not go and see director-screenwriter Max Minghella’s cinema debut.

Does the young man who starred in The Social Network and The Handmaid’s Tale assume that he is such a great stylist that he doesn’t need a good story to impress us and follow in the footsteps of his father Anthony Minghella, who was best known for The English Patient?

Or should we think of Teen Spirit as more of a job application to hip bands and solo artists who are looking for a director for their music videos? Or are these questions too mean and should we not be so demanding?

Teen Spirit isn’t boring, it has an excellent pop soundtrack, and teenagers nowadays will probably also enjoy the opportunity to daydream at the possibility of escaping from their anonymous existence. What’s more, the role of the Polish girl who lives on the British Isle of Wight with her embittered mother went to the phenomenal Elle Fanning from The Beguiled, The Neon Demon, and Super 8.

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