Endless Boogie in Magasin 4

In 2001, Stephen Malkmus, who had just burned his bridges with Pavement, was still looking for an opening act for his first solo shows. His eye fell on Endless Boogie, a gang of long-haired rockers from Brooklyn who had named themselves after a not-so-legendary 1971 album by John Lee Hooker.

The band led by Paul Major, a legendary collector of rare 1960s and 70s folk and psych records, has since been touring the world with their “Kraut Southern rock”, a blend of Hooker’s rudimentary blues with bone-dry stoner rock, raw Beefheart psychedelia, and minimalist krautrock. Think minimal lyrics and, in their own words, endless head-nodding jams.

ENDLESS BOOGIE 25/11, 19.00, Magasin 4

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