Komo Bowl: healthy and delcious Hawaiian food

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| Komo Bowl: an urban oasis where one can enjoy air, light, and delicious rice bowls.
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A new place in downtown Brussels, Komo Bowl is like a welcome break from the city. Prepared quickly and with the greatest care, the food is healthy and delicious.

We first heard of Komo Bowl on Defacqzstraat/rue Defacqz some time ago. A hit with its mostly young clientele, the place has done extremely well supplying poké bowls, a speciality very much in keeping with the current zeitgeist that revisits the most cosmopolitan cuisine there is: Hawaiian food (which brings together influences from Japan to Portugal, China, Vietnam, and even the US). Unfortunately, we have not yet had the opportunity to set foot in this popular eatery. The good news is that, in a confirmation of its success, Komo Bowl has just opened a second establishment on rue Antoine Dansaertstraat.

The space stretches over a long area and has the feel of an urban oasis. From the moment you enter, it feels totally open, thanks to the fold-out window frames that open onto that well-known artery connecting De Beurs/La Bourse with the canal. In good weather, the design allows the air to circulate for the wellbeing of the customers.

The decor clearly bears the markings of an interior design agency. The space is well thought-out to ensure light and comfort, with an understated elegance. We decided to sit facing the counter where the “bowls”, rice-based dishes, are made fresh. We love the twenty or so wicker lights that produce a soft glow, offsetting the harshness of the technical equipment very nicely. The references to surfing (a light fixture consisting of a surfboard fitted with four spotlights) and to the ocean (a table made out of driftwood) are also a nice touch.

For €13, we ordered a “lunch deal” that hit the spot. It consisted of a “pupu”, an accompaniment of edamame beans, served lukewarm and nicely sprinkled with coarse salt, and a pretty ceramic bowl containing a generous serving. We chose the “Tofu Pipeline” bowl: excellent fried tofu with a crunchy texture. As well as being prepared and served by friendly and relaxed staff, the bowl was delicious, combining glistening-fresh edamame beans, ripe and flavoursome avocado, pomegranate seeds, raw red cabbage, soy sauce, and sesame seeds. The seasoning was excellent, as was the rice, which was sticky but not too much so.

rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 53 Brussel/Bruxelles, 02-270.16.09,
ma/lu/Mo > zo/di/Su, 10 > 14.30 & 18 > 22.00


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