The Good Liar: an audacious imposter film

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Rich widow Helen Mirren and mischievous charmer Ian McKellen do not need a watertight plot to captivate you in The Good Liar.

“Well, blow me down,” a British boomer said to his wife when the lights came back on at the Empire Cinemas on Leicester Square in London. It is a surprisingly forgiving response to the incredible climax of this audacious imposter film that prefers to entertain grey-haired viewers rather than twentysomethings. The man might just as well have felt cheated by the high number of implausible plot twists. If you don't object to that, you will undoubtedly enjoy this thrilling duel between two actors who in the autumn of their careers still palpably enjoy acting and have talent and skill in spades.

Helen Mirren (The Queen) plays a rich widow who refuses to wither away slowly and decides to go online in search of a mischievous charmer to brighten up her life. Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings) plays a mischievous charmer who uses nefarious financial constructions to relieve widows of their life savings. This duo does not need a watertight plot to captivate you.

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