Parasite: a brilliant Bong Joon-ho

1675 parasite 1675 parasite
Parasite a gagné la Palme d'Or
Parasite a gagné la Palme d'Or
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Korea’s first Golden Palm winner Bong Joon-ho has created a cinematographic class, a story full of surprises, and directs actors who seamlessly switch between blather, satire, suspense, and tragedy.

Parasite is both scintillating entertainment and a reflection of the deep divide between the rich and poor.

Two families of four appear to be one another’s mirror image, but one has nothing and the other everything. The poor family cleverly helps themselves to get jobs in the palace of the rich family. That’s all we can give away.

Bong Joon-ho employs humanistic mockery and a punk attitude to depict the class warfare and the impossibility of living together without being mutually parasitic.

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from 11th September in cinemas

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